A New University for Brampton, ON - urbanMetrics inc
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A New University for Brampton, ON

Brampton City Hall

A New University for Brampton, ON

“Securing a university, and all the associated economic and social benefits, has been a priority for the City and I’m very pleased we’ve taken this bold step to support a positive outcome for our residents, our businesses, our youth, and our future.” – Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey

The City commissioned urbanMetrics Inc. to develop a report on the economic and social benefits of a new university facility and a centre for education, innovation and collaboration, which is expected to be complete late in October.

University economic impact study highlights transformative benefits for Brampton – City of Brampton Media Release
City council endorses $150M Brampton university plan – Brampton Guardian
Brampton commits to investment strategy for a university – City of Brampton Media Release