Investment in Toronto's Waterfront - urbanMetrics inc
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Investment in Toronto’s Waterfront

“Mayor John Tory said the project will prime the investment pump, lead to the creation of a new transit hub and allow for the building of new communities, including those with affordable housing units…”- Toronto Star

As part of their ongoing commitment to operating in a transparent and accountable manner, as well as to ensure their investments in revitalization produce significant returns for the economies of Toronto, Ontario and Canada, Waterfront Toronto has commissioned urbanMetrics to prepare a number of Economic Impact Analyses which examine the direct, indirect and induced impacts of its investments.  Our ongoing work with Waterfront Toronto recently assisted the organization in securing some $1.25 Billion in funding for flood protection in the Port Lands area of the Toronto waterfront.

More About This Project

Toronto waterfront receives $1.25 billion to clean up and protect the Port Lands – Toronto Star