Municipality of Meaford – Waterfront Strategy & Master Plan

Municipality of Meaford – Waterfront Strategy & Master Plan

About the project

urbanMetrics was retained to provide a business opportunities analysis as a component of the Waterfront Strategy and Master Plan, which is intended to guide the future development of harbour/waterfront in Meaford, Ontario.


This study identifies new tourism and economic development opportunities in Meaford, which are intended to attract visitors to places they may not regularly visit (i.e., Meaford waterfront), and to enhance the connectivity of existing attractions.


One of the primary objectives of this study was to identify 10 new businesses, which would then support commercial uses in the harbour/waterfront, as well as the Downtown core. This study was also used to enhance connection between the business community and the waterfront/trail system, with the objective of encouraging private sector partnerships and establishing a funding strategy.


Municipality of Meaford


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