RTO7 – Kincardine Surfing Destination Feasibility Analysis

RTO7 – Kincardine Surfing Destination Feasibility Analysis

About the project

urbanMetrics was retained to evaluate the marketing potential and feasibility of promoting Kincardine, Ontario as a surfing tourism destination and experience.  Our study provides an initial assessment of the marketability and tourism impacts related to the development of Kincardine as Ontario’s premier surfing location.  The study includes an assessment of various product development opportunities related to surfing, an identification of target audiences and an evaluation of competitive surfing experience and event opportunities.  The study includes a regional analysis and strategic marketing action plan, which provides an assessment of:


  • The tourism and economic potential if surfing were to be developed as a visitor demand generator for Kincardine and the surrounding area
  • The infrastructure and amenities required to engage local stakeholders, businesses, and individuals interested in surfing
  • Recommended promotional resources to market Kincardine to target audiences
  • Potential stakeholder partnerships that could be leveraged to maximize returns, increase competitiveness, and drive growth, in order to optimize surfing as a tourism asset


Regional Tourism Organization 7 & Municipality of Kincardine


Kincardine, ON




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