Township of Lake of Bays – Dorset Waterfront Plan & Downtown Strategy

Township of Lake of Bays – Dorset Waterfront Plan & Downtown Strategy

About the project

Working with Dillon Consulting, urbanMetrics provided the local community with a comprehensive long-term vision for the waterfront and downtown area in Dorset, with the objective of stimulating tourism, economic development and job creation in the local community and the surrounding regional area.


This study was used to establish a community-based planning strategy for Dorset’s waterfront and downtown area, based on input from local residents, business owners, employees and other stakeholders in order to create a vision for a dynamic, year-round waterfront and downtown experience.


The study involved extensive public consultation, including community surveys (online and paper formats), one-on-one stakeholder interviews, and a series of interactive public workshops that used quantified engagement to validate preliminary findings and build consensus around the recommended land use options.  The final outcome of this study was a series of land use options (i.e., Modest / Transitional / Transformative) to enhance the downtown and waterfront area in Dorset and leverage existing assets.


Township of Lake of Bays


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