Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs

New Residential Housing Data Framework Study, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs

About the project

The importance of having standardized and reliable housing supply information is key to overcoming housing equity challenges in the Greater Golden Horseshoe. To overcome this challenge, the Ministry of Municipal Affairs (MMA) retained urbanMetrics to establish a data framework for collecting and reporting new (anticipated) unit supply across the GGH at the local level.


As part of this study, urbanMetrics completed extensive consultation with a variety of stakeholders, including representatives from municipalities across the GGH and the building industry. This has included an online survey and key informant research interviews to identify the breadth of housing supply data that is available. Our study provided a road map that can be followed by the MMA and other stakeholders to monitor the supply of residential land across the GGH on an ongoing basis.


Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs


Greater Golden Horseshoe, Ontario




Policy Review